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Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter? A Guide for Roof Installation

Sometimes a roof replacement must be done immediately and cannot wait for a better day. If the weather outside is terrible but your home's roof is anything but nice, don't be alarmed. A knowledgeable roofer will work with you to quickly install your roof and protect your home.

Safety Precautions for Slippery Conditions

Crews must take extra steps to ensure they can walk on the roof securely and without risk of falling because roof installations during the winter months can be riskier than other times of the year. If a slip does occur, fall prevention technology guarantees that no one will get a major injury. Crews frequently only need to wait until the morning frost melts before beginning work, but in circumstances of significant snow or ice, work may need to be delayed until it melts.

Cold Weather Affects Nail Guns

Freezing conditions might also have an impact on the pneumatic nail guns used in the roofing procedure. This is because compressed air is used to power nail guns, and when air is released into a system, any humidity that may be present might convert to water. Water in the aircraft may freeze when it gets below freezing, decreasing the airflow that drives the nails.

How Shingles Are Affected by Cold Weather?

The majority of shingles are created with a sealant that needs direct light and heat exposure to activate. The shingles could not seal if the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit until it does. In this situation, to offer additional fastening strength and wind resistance, the steeply sloped sides of gable roofs should be manually sealed with asphalt roof cement. In colder climates, shingles become more brittle and prone to cracking. When cutting and nailing them during the installation process, as well as when walking on them on top of the roof, extra caution must be exercised.

Think About Metal Roofing

Another option that you might think about is using a different kind of roofing material. For instance, metal roofing that is stone-coated steel or another sort can be placed at any time of year without sacrificing quality. Even though steel is typically more expensive than asphalt shingles, the more expensive will assist guarantee a successful installation and a longer-lasting roof. Stone-coated steel roofs have a lifespan of 40 to 70 years, resisting ice dams in the winter and rain and snow, respectively.


While you might be inclined to take advantage of a reduced price, keep in mind that reliable roofing firms are in high demand since they consistently provide work of the highest caliber that will last for many years.

For professional winter roof installation or questions about your roof, contact Stephanie Vanderbilt today at or by calling 603-405-8884.

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