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Common roofing mistakes you should avoid

Due to heavy rainfall, winds, and intense heat, the roof tends to deteriorate. Proper roofing keeps your home safe during extreme conditions. To ensure long-term protection, you must avoid common roofing mistakes. Not hiring the best roofers from Dover, New Hampshire, is one of them.

Other common roofing mistakes include:

Improper roof ventilation

A lot of people aren’t aware of proper roof ventilation. Under ventilation usually increases your utility bills. It also reduces the shelf life of your roof.

Mismatched shingles

This issue arises when someone tries DIY roofing. Avoid mismatching shingles, especially in terms of colours. Buy a similar set of shingles from a single manufacturer so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Attempting to do it yourself

You can consider it an extension of the above point. DIY isn’t a bad idea if you have years of expertise in handling repair and roofing projects. If you are new to such tasks, you might end up spending more. It is also dangerous in cases. And, of course, the results aren’t comparable to the professional roofing jobs.

Improper nail usage

It is common for many homeowners, and even roofing contractors in Hampton, New Hampshire, to use short nails. These short nails can pop out, which is a sign of poor installation. Roof shingles get affected negatively due to this.

Inadequate moisture protection

Choose tough moisture barriers, as shingles aren’t sufficient. Doing so ensures moisture gets disposed of safely by the roof.

We hope this information will help you while your next roofing job. If you seek the best roofers in Stratham, Portsmouth, or other areas of New Hampshire, trust the team of Seacoast Roofing & Exteriors. They ensure your roofs last for a long duration without much need of repairs.

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