After hiring a roofing contractor in Exeter, New Hampshire, the next crucial step is preparing your home for the upcoming installation. You can seek advice from your roofer based on the inspection they’ve conducted.

To assist you further, we’ve compiled a few essential tips for preparing your property when hiring roofing contractors in Manchester, New Hampshire:

  1. Remove the Vehicles: Many instances involve vehicle damage during the roofing process. Avoid such scenarios by relocating vehicles out of the work area. If in the driveway, move them to the street. For cars in an attached garage, pull them out as a precaution.
  2. Take Care of Your Kids and Pets: Ideally, consider sending your kids to a friend’s home during the roofing process. If they remain at home, place them in the quietest room to ensure their safety. For pets, boarding them at a veterinarian’s facility or using a pet daycare service is recommended, a practice often advised by roofing contractors in Concord, New Hampshire.
  3. Protect Your Landscaping: Shield your garden plants from roofing materials and falling shingles. Many homeowners construct temporary walls using sturdy supports like wooden planks, covered with a durable tarp. Prune trees, as overhanging limbs can hinder the roofing process and pose a hazard to your roof.

The Bottom Line: Implementing these tips ensures a smooth roofing process without any damage to your home or harm to your family members. For roofing services in Concord, New Hampshire, visit this link.

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