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TandoShake™ Helps Beautify Beachfront Remodels Along New Hampshire Coastline

Quebec City, Quebec -- The town of Rye, New Hampshire boasts the longest stretch of the state’s treasured eighteen-mile-long shoreline. While it might not have the fanfare and name recognition of neighboring Portsmouth, Rye supports a bustling fishing and farming community while offering beautiful beaches, delicious seafood and easy access to the natural wonders of its rugged coastline. Located less than an hour’s drive from Boston, many city dwellers escape to this haven to enjoy a peaceful seaside getaway.

Vincenzo Nastasia, owner of Seacoast Roofing, a Seabrook, New Hampshire-based firm, has created a full-service exterior renovation business with a reputation for craftsmanship and integrity. During his three years as an entrepreneur, the contractor has overcome many challenges including supply chain shortages, labor shortages and rising costs. He has also seen an evolving trend towards composite materials in the coastal communities that he services.

He and his crew recently completed a Rye beachfront exterior renovation using TandoShake™, a product line known for its subtle wood texture, crisp edges and authentic cedar look. Manufactured by Tando Building Products, the shake is available in several profiles. Nastasia worked with the owners to explore available textures and colors for the remodel.

“Beach house owners really enjoy the cedar impressions,” he explained, “but they no longer want the high maintenance required of traditional cedar. Homeowners Mark and Robin were impressed with the realistic look of the Tando line and selected the RoughSawn Dual texture in Seaside Gray.”

RoughSawn Cedar Dual shingles, featuring random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain with 6 ½-inch exposure, created the clean, classic look that the couple envisioned. The Dual course profile allowed for greater coverage and quick installation for larger area side walls. The choice of Seaside Gray complemented by white trim evoked a timeless New England charm that will hold up against the coastal weather patterns.

Mark commented, “We love the way the exterior looks, and we’re so pleased with the outcome. Before this, we had vertical wood panels that were high maintenance. The exterior had faded and deteriorated over the years. The TandoShake makes the house look new; it was a beautiful upgrade, and Vincenzo and team did a really nice job on the remodel.”

During the installation process, Nastasia’s team was able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. He noted, “It went up so easily and took about 2/3 the time of real cedar. Mark and Robin loved it and gave us a 5-star Google review for our efforts.”

Nastasia’s next exterior renovation involved a multi-build commercial project located just down the road. Lenny Mirra’s family had owned Mirra’s Snug Harbor Cabins since the 1960s, and the properties hadn’t been updated since the 1980s. After 40 years, the traditional cedar shakes had curled and darkened. To prepare the complex for short-term summer rentals, he contracted with the Seacoast team to refurbish all four of the existing structures before the peak New England beach season kicked off.

“After 40 years of wear and tear, the properties needed a lot of rehabbing,” Mirra noted. “Vincenzo and his crew replaced the roof shingles and rebuilt all the decks. On his recommendation, we chose the TandoShake for the exterior cladding.

After exploring several textures and colors, the Mirras selected the Cape Cod Perfection profile, featuring a cedar texture with clean lines and a 5" exposure, in Slate Gray.

“The overall effect really brightens up the property. The place absolutely shines,” the owner commented. “When people drive around the corner and first see the property, they are so impressed with the Seacoast crew’s workmanship.”

After installing TandoShake on five homes, Nastasia reflected on some of the advantages of the composite shake versus traditional cedar.

“The installation is so much easier with the panels compared to individual cedar shakes. It covers more square footage in a shorter amount of time, so that the process goes quickly. Wood shakes are tedious to work with and much more labor-intensive. Overall, we save on time and cost, and it looks great.”

TandoShake™ offers the broadest range of profiles to meet any architectural style. In addition to RoughSawn Dual and Cape Cod Perfection, the panels are available in three other textures— RoughSawn Cedar Single, Rustic Cedar 9 and Hand Split Shake, each available in 18 different colors. The product was designed to add instant curb appeal and provide a long-lasting solution for challenging coastal climates like New Hampshire.

“Once you install the Tando, you don’t need to worry about painting or upkeep,” Nastasia explained. “This stuff will last for decades with low maintenance and will hold up to the harsh elements. I will continue to recommend it to my clients.”

At this rate, TandoShake will soon be a dominant sight on the exclusive New Hampshire shoreline. This brand of exterior building products leverages innovation and manufacturing technology to solve market challenges such as labor shortages, long lead times and moisture concerns all while meeting consumer demand for attractive mixed material exteriors and minimal upkeep.

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