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The Best Way to Estimate Roofing Requirements

It might be intimidating to speak with contractors, particularly when discussing roofing improvements. Many people are unfamiliar with roofing jargon and average job costs because roofs can go years or even decades without needing maintenance.

Because of this, we created this practical approach for figuring out how many shingles and other roofing materials your project will need. With the use of this fundamental knowledge, you may begin planning your project's budget and analyze roofing contractor quotations more easily.

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Tips for Estimating Roof Shingles

Calculating the roof's square footage is the first step in determining the number of shingles you require. Since it is risky to climb onto your roof, our method relies on measurements taken from the ground. You will get a rough estimate from this calculation, though. Don't be intimidated by the math; it's really not that difficult.

To find the square footage of your roof:   

  1. Take a measurement of your house's length and breadth from the outside. To account for the roof overhang, measure from eave to eave rather than corner to corner.
  2. Take measurements of each component of your home's length and width if it isn't rectangular.
  3. To get the square footage, multiply the length and breadth of each section. If your home is square or rectangular, you're done!
  4. To determine the overall square footage of the roof, add the square footage of each segment separately.

Next, divide the entire square footage by 100.

You can use this to determine how many "squares" your roof is. To calculate how many shingles you'll need, multiply the number of squares.

How to Estimate Underlayment: Some Tips

Having a firm grasp on your shingles, you should now consider another important roofing component. Installed beneath your shingles as a second line of defense against water damage to your roof, underlayment is a waterproof substance. When you know how many squares your roof has, it's fairly simple to calculate how much underlayment you'll need for your project.

Underlayment typically covers 4 squares on a roll. Decide to divide your total squares by 4.

You can determine how many rolls of underlayment you'll need based on the outcome. To get an idea of how much you can expect to pay, research the price of a roll of underlayment in your area.

What About Other Roofing Costs?

In addition to the underlayment and shingles, there are a few more items to consider while estimating:

  1. Nails: They can be purchased by the pound. Assume that each square will require around 2 1/2 pounds of nails.
  2. Flashing: To prevent water seepage, this metal sheet barrier is put in every roof valley and all chimneys and vents. When collecting estimates, be sure to ask roofers to break down how much flashing you'll need because there isn't a straightforward way for a homeowner to determine how much flashing they'll require.
  3. Shingle Disposal: You'll need a roofing dumpster to dispose of your old shingles because they must be removed. Normally, your roofer will handle this, but if you offer to fetch the dumpster yourself, you might be able to receive a little bit of a discount.
  4. Labor: Keep in mind that you are paying for more than just the materials. Make sure to request that the roofers you are considering breaking down their estimates into labor and materials.

Ready to Raise the Roof?

Gathering and analyzing roofing bids will be considerably less overwhelming now that you know what to anticipate. Even with this background knowledge, don't be afraid to ask your prospective roofers any questions you may have, no matter how specific they are. Because roof repairs are expensive, be sure you understand everything before you sign anything.

Ready for your roof to be repaired? In that case, ask Seacoast Roofing & Exteriors to handle it. You may receive the most accurate estimate that fits your demands and budget by working with a team of skilled roofing repair specialists.

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