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Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Roof, Siding, and Gutters

Families continue to migrate outside as the weather warms and the trees bloom in order to take advantage of the season. With more time spent outside than inside, spring cleaning checklists emerge, and projects get underway.

It is critical to inspect and clean your roof, siding, and gutters for the general health of your home. These three aspects are crucial in preventing water damage to roofs, draughts, and pest infestations in your home.

That's why we've created a thorough spring-cleaning checklist for your roof. While it is yet another item to add to your to-do list, crossing it off will make you feel fulfilled and ready to take on the summer.

Tackle Your Gutters

Starting with your gutters is the first step toward a perfect spring roof cleaning. They're likely to be clogged with debris and fading leaves after the winter months. Even if you meticulously cleaned them out in the fall, time will catch up with you. It is necessary to do so, no matter how difficult it may be. Your gutters will not be able to accomplish their job if they are clogged.

Examine the Roofing Materials.

Your roof should be inspected several times a year, with spring being one of the ideal periods. This allows you to catch any little problems before they turn into bigger problems. The material on your roof is your home's first line of defense against the weather. Depending on the material of your roof, specific inspection checks may differ.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Signs of Mold.

Look for any symptoms of mold or mildew while inspecting your roof. If detected early enough, it's usually simple to remedy without causing any severe issues. Mold and mildew penetrate the foundation as they grow, causing more difficulties. Use lead control strips or zinc on the afflicted regions as at-home therapies. Call your roofing professionals for a more comprehensive check if you see the mold has spread to a significant area and you believe it has already expanded past the point of no return.

Trim Branches

Trees, believe it or not, are one of the most serious risks to your roof. The integrity of your roof can be jeopardized by hanging branches and overgrown plants. Trimming the branches of your yard's trees is the greatest method to avoid damage. Again, if you don't have the necessary equipment or have difficult-to-reach regions, this can be a risky job, so hire a professional arborist.

Trimming the branches of surrounding trees also means you'll spend less time in the future raking leaves out of your gutters. It's also a lot easier to take care of this phase in the spring rather than waiting until everything is in full bloom.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Attic

Look for evidence of water damage or mold in your ceiling and attic. If there is no roof leaking, mold in your attic is usually caused by an insulation or ventilation problem. If you notice any staining or smell mildew, you should contact a professional rather than attempting to clean it yourself. A specialist can immediately identify the source of the problem and make repairs before it escalates.

Final Thoughts

Exterior cleaning, including your windows, roof, gutters, and walls should always be included in a spring cleaning of your home. This not only improves the appearance of your property but also extends its life by reducing wear and tear and damage caused by other organic substances such as mold.

Looking for professional spring-cleaning services? If so, Seacoast Roofing and Exteriors! Our highly skilled team can also clean your gutters, install gutter guards, and ensure that your home is prepared for the next round of weather extremes. To learn more, simply visit today!


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