Yes, you have guessed it RIGHT! Complete roof replacement means completely replacing a roof with a fresh one. You will hear some companies calling it “Tear-Off” roof.

It is different from re-roofing…a process that involves adding a new layer of shingle to your old roof.

Roof replacement works in this way:

  1. Selecting a roof replacement contractor: You choose a contractor and sign a contract with them.
  2. Purchase of materials: You or your contractor orders materials that reach your place before the job begins.
  3. Tearing of the existing roof: The team begins work by removing the existing layers of roof. They do it carefully to avoid any damage to your property or the residents.
  4. Installation of a new roof: The experts then install new layers of roof using their set of tools and machinery.
  5. Final cleanup: When they’re sure the roof is set, the team cleans up your property to remove debris and garbage.

Now that you have learned about the steps of this process…it’s time to focus on layers that are replaced.

  • Replace Shingles: Think of shingles as an armor suit that protects the house and underlying layers from debris, water, and other  external elements
  • Decking: The contractors use decking as a base on which shingles, underlayment, and other crucial materials can be attached.
  • Flashing: Flashing is a thin layer that diverts the water so that it doesn’t enter chimneys or other crucial areas.
  • Underlayment: It is an extra protective layer that further strengthens your roof.

Other layers include drip edge, soffit, and fascia. The number and type of layers may vary by the roof type and contractor you have chosen. Get the details of these layers from the contractors during your first or subsequent meetings with them.

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