Roof replacement is like insurance for your roof for the next 20-25 years. You might be curious to know how the process of installing a new roof takes place. Knowing about the procedure helps you ensure the contractor is doing the right job.

It is also helpful if you are going the DIY route. Although, we won’t recommend this.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

1) Preparing home and driveway

The workers can easily access the hauling trailer if the driveway is clear of vehicles. It is during this step that you also remove the breakable objects and pets from fenced areas.

2) Removing the old roof

The workers remove the base and move upwards. They also remove shingles with flat tools. The staples and roofing nails are either removed or flattened into roof decking.

3) Inspecting the roof

The workers replace weakened or rotten wood (if any). They also do re-nailing and other such processes in case the issues are detected.

4) Installation begins

The workers first install an underlayment. Then, the roofing materials are installed by following the company specifications and the best industry practices.

5) Clean up and final inspection

The team members inspect the installation and materials. They also clear the debris from the roof, yard, and driveway of your home.

This is a general idea of how a roof is installed/replaced. The contractor you have hired may use a different set of steps for this purpose.

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