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What Roof Repairs Does Insurance Cover?

Whether your roof needs to be replaced because it is aging or because a storm damaged it. The replacement of the roof is typically only covered by homeowners’ insurance if it was harmed by specific covered risks or incidents. For instance, your homeowners' insurance would probably contribute to the cost of roof replacement or repair if a tree fell on your roof during a storm or if a fire damaged it. However, replacing an old roof with a new one won't likely be covered by homeowners’ insurance. Continue reading to find out more about when homeowners insurance may contribute to the cost of a roof replacement or repair.

How does roof insurance work?

When it comes to protecting your home and its contents, roofs can be thought of as the first line of defence. This is so that they can survive the weather, which includes hail, rain, cold temperatures, sun, wind, and more. No matter how skillfully it is constructed, a roof eventually becomes weaker and more susceptible to harm.

A roof's maintenance or replacement can be expensive. If the damage results from one of the insured perils, insurance companies will cover the cost. However, insurance companies may be reluctant to completely cover an older roof and may even demand an examination to ensure it can resist the weather in order to limit the chance of having to pay out a sizable damage claim.

Types of Roof Damage

According to an insurance provider, there are two basic categories of roof damage: wear and tear and damage resulting from a covered loss. For instance, the insurance provider will typically step in to pay for the repair or replacement up to your coverage limits if your roof leaks or sustains damage from insured losses like rain, hail, blizzard, a falling tree branch, wind, or fire.

A roof's older age, lack of maintenance, or structural breakdown as the cause of a leak that is not related to a risk will probably not be covered by an insurance company's repair or replacement budget. Because a failing roof can be expensive and is probably not covered by home insurance, it is crucial to keep it in good condition.

Roof repair vs. roof replacement

If you're trying to decide whether to fix or replace your roof, you might want to think about the following possibilities:

  • If the damage is modest and restricted to a single area, repair.
  • If repairing the roof would be more expensive than replacing it, replace it.
  • If the roof is relatively new—10 years or less—repair it.
  • If your roof is old and you intend to sell your house soon, replace it.
  • If the new, mismatched shingles do not detract from the appearance of the house, fix the roof.

The bottom line

One of the costliest issues a homeowner may face is a roof repair or roof replacement. Only covered risks like damage from fire, extreme weather, or falling objects will be covered by your house insurance, which is there to pay for roof-related damages. The majority of the time, leaks or damages brought on by an old or badly maintained roof are not covered by your homes insurance.

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