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What to do when you need an emergency roof repair in Portsmouth, NH

April 8, 2024 / Written by: Seacoast Roofing and Exteriors

The roof suddenly starts leaking! Many homeowners have faced this emergency. Not acting quickly will result in further damage.

In many cases, the structure of the house & the belongings of the homeowner get damaged. What to do in such cases? We’ve created this mini guide with essential steps you should take.

  1. Examine the level of danger

If the danger level is high, the first step is to evacuate the home. Make sure every member is aware of the danger and is out of the home. Such situations arise if the home is flooded with water or if the chances of the roof getting collapsed is high.

  1. Contact an emergency roof repair company

Choose an emergency roof repair service in Portsmouth, NH, that can reach your location immediately. A trusted team will inspect the damage and fix the issue in no time. It is always important to have the contact details of such professionals on your phone. Otherwise, much of your time will be spent finding the right roofing contractor in Portsmouth, NH, in case of leakage.

  1. Remove your belongings

If you’ve sufficient time to do so and the danger isn’t severe, the next step is to move your stuff. For example, you can move the wardrobe if the ceiling is leaking above it. Many homeowners also put a container of a bucket to safeguard their floors. Again, we strictly recommend moving the belongings if it’s totally safe for you. Even if there’s a tiny chance that the roof will collapse, it’s the right decision to leave your belongings and evacuate – something we’ve discussed above. Every roofing expert in Portsmouth NH will emphasize on this point.

  1. Cover the items if you can’t remove them

Doing so prevents your essentials from water damage. Use a tarp, if available, to cover your sofas and other household items. If it’s not available, use some trash bags or something similar. Get the help of professionals if you feel doing this alone isn’t safe.

  1. Connect with your insurance company

A local roofing company in Portsmouth NH can help you with this process. Most of them will prepare a detailed report related to roof damage. Getting a claim related to repairs gets easier by doing so. It is also helpful to take photographs of the damaged area. Again, do so in a safe manner. You might have to submit the photographs, too, while making a claim.

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Temporary fixes

If the damage is not mild, you can follow this step. Apply epoxy or roofing cement over small holes to temporarily contain the leak. A tarp or roofing tape over the source of the leak is also a good idea.

Frequently asked questions about emergency roof repairs

Now that we’ve discussed the crucial steps you should take during roof emergencies, it’s time to answer some common questions.

How to choose a roofing contractor for emergencies?

Hire a local roofing company in Portsmouth, NH, that’s insured and licensed. Choose a team that’s been in business for years and has experience in handling emergency roof situations.

How to prevent future roof leaks?

Follow these maintenance tips to prevent your roof from such issues in the future:

  1. Get a professional inspection of the roof every year if your roof is five years old.
  2. Minimize the impact of damage as soon as you notice problems like leakages.
  3. Regularly check your roof's drainage system.
  4. Clean roof gutters and downspouts to minimize the chances of clogging. Use gutter guards, gutter screens, or gutter covers for this purpose.
  5. Regularly check the vents to ensure proper ventilation.

How much does it cost to repair a roof in Portsmouth, NH?

The cost to repair depends on many factors. The extent of damage, reasons behind leakage, material cost, etc. You might have to pay a little extra during seasons when the demand for roofing contractors in Portsmouth, NH, is high.

What are the signs I need an emergency roof repair?

You need to contact a roof repair service if you notice these emergency signs:

  • Dripping of water from the ceiling
  • Sagging of gutters
  • Daylight coming in through the attic
  • Growth of mold or moisture in your attic

Feel free to connect with us if you notice these signs or want us to inspect your roof for damage.


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