Residential roofing installation comprises many stages. Through this blog post, we try to help you understand the process.
Let’s focus on how your roofer will handle the project.

1) Professional inspection: The team understands different aspects of your property. They will look at the attic, roof, and the support structure. Based on this inspection, the roofer tells you the amount you will pay by the end of the project. You can negotiate the prices if you have done some research beforehand.

2) Planning the installation: They will discuss the schedule that suits you. Although you don’t have to be present during installation, it always helps to be actively involved. You will also come to know about the materials they will use. The companies usually ensure the project is executed as per the local regulations. You can confirm the same from them during this stage.

3) Removal of old materials: The roofers will remove the existing materials from your property. Your new roof’s integrity will be preserved with this step. You can also be sure there won’t be any leaks.

4) Installation: This is the main step where the team will install a robust roof. This important structure will secure your home for a long duration.

5) Post-installation steps: The roofers ensure there is no debris on your property after installation. During this step, the experts inspect the property to ensure there are no loose roofing nails or materials.

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